1. Rule #1 NO REFUNDS. Member may discontinue association at any time and for any reason but will not be given a refund.

2. Every member must be provided a copy of these guidelines (in hard copy or electronic form) and must agree and sign.

3. The Progressive Economic Group expects respectful behavior, proper attire, good grooming, and no criminal activity.

4. No weapons allowed in meeting places except for security personnel.

5. No tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances allowed on any part of PEG premises.

6. For members to receive assistance, classes in the area of concern must be completed.

7. Disbursements always go to debt holder, never to members. Some exceptions may apply.

8. Member will work closely with someone with expertise in the area of need.

9. Failure to comply with The Code of Conduct, despite three attempts to correct the behavior, will result in termination of membership.

10. Tennessee is the proving ground for this brand new concept. A reasonable amount of time will be given for Tennesseans to become members of PEG. Once information saturation is achieved, the membership fee structure will change for new members. Fees will be higher than the initial launch rate of $12 per year.