The Progressive Economic Group exists to empower its members to take control of our social, political, and economic destiny. For too long, we have been under the influence and control of those who use fear, distrust, and envy to manipulate our thinking and our actions. This organization wants to help our members use our God-given strength, intelligence and resources to counteract the effects that the racist propaganda has had on our psyche for these past several hundred years. The collaborative effort of our members will help to improve our current socio-economic standing and change our lives for generations to come.


To carry out our mission, we have established this mutual benefit organization wherein each member contributes $12.00 per year. That’s only $1.00 per month. These funds will be used to develop programs to address the pressing needs of our members. Some people will say, we already have programs, how will yours be different? Sure, we have a few government handouts which are not nearly enough to make a dent when you consider the great need of the underprivileged and underserved. Yet these handouts are just enough to keep us tethered to a system that degrades lives more than it improves them.

Our program will be different in that we are taking ownership of our lives and having a voice in our current and future development as strong, intelligent, Divinely created beings with the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else on this planet. Together we will create a better society for ourselves and for future generations.